Khiladi 786 – Movie Review


Beyond the numbers, caricatures abound: a tough Punjabi munda whose fists are as fast as lightning when he takes on the baddies; a feisty Marathi mulgi who turns into a maniac when she gets behind the wheels of a car; and a luckless Gujju boy who cannot stay out of trouble.

Neither is that all – a Canadian mother, a Chinese aunt and an African grandmother are added to the broth. It’s the united colours of Punjab. Khiladi 786 is every bit as hopelessly mixed-up as that sounds.

It might make good business sense for a Bollywood A-lister to lay his claims on an old, lucrative franchise, but the sport that the khiladi plays on the comeback trail is going to be anything but a game-changer.

Khiladi 786 has nothing new to offer. It is cut from the same cloth that has yielded many of Akshay Kumar’s recent vehicles. These…

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Product Review – Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal

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So, today I decided I want to review some of my music equipment; not just my studio stuff. I’ve built my pedal board up to almost exactly where I want it. The biggest piece I added to it is definitely my Boss Blues Driver pedal. I figured that after using it for about a year (my lovely wife gave it to me last Christmas), in different genres, and in various venues, that it was about time to give my two cents on its quality.

First off, this thing is light, but doesn’t feel cheap. I can stomp on it and I’ve never felt like it would break under my foot; and I have a heavy foot sometimes. It isn’t as tough or solid as some other metallic pedals, but it holds its own. And, personally, I really appreciate the look – the deep blue with the simple 3-knob design really…

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Where to Buy Best Offer KidKraft Pirate Ship Sale

Holiday Deals 2012 KidKraft Pirate Ship Christmas Gifts

KidKraft Pirate Ship

KidKraft Pirate Ship

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‘Re looking for a great gift for your children Kitchen KidKraft Pastel Kitchen KidKraft Pastel big Big certainly dream about your budding chef. This is great for imaginative play, and all the guys like it is cute very firmly, for, fun game. KidKraft kitchens, kitchens, kitchen, some of the most popular and one of the best games around. Parents excellent customer service and affordable KidKraft kitchen is easy to assemble and appreciated. Ultimate Ultimate Play Kitchen KidKraft Play Kitchen KidKraft for children from pre-school and sets a good game offers endless creative play. Pretend kitchens are confident that all the young chefs dream of, but they are also a great gift that is not only a great educational toy. KidKraft Majestic Dollhouse As a parent offers ample space and features all the time, especially your daughter for her birthday, I want…

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Searching for Cheap LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop 10199 , Buy Now and Save More!

Holiday Deals 2012 LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop 10199 Christmas Gifts

LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop 10199

LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop 10199

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More fun to build a Harry Potter LEGO Harry Potter oblique alley – a wonderful world to his surprise and joy of many fans brought. Now we can play and rebuilt in LEGO. In this review, we check out the latest LEGO lane skew many other popular LEGO sets of the same quality and level of detail, whether you want to continue, contain an element of fun into the building and see what you can. LEGO 7905 LEGO 7905 is included in the same sentence, I think it’s a great review, it’s probably from the early 90’s, Gary D Sabol, LEGO is one of the best made in a very long time, the village set, I ‘I am a big fan of LEGO, and I have it I think one of the best set of…

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