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March 15th UPDATE: Cable One announced that it has reached a multiyear agreement with AMC Networks for continued carriage of AMC and WeTV.  So no one will lose access to The Walking Dead or other AMC shows!

Sunday nights are prime TV viewing time for many people.  Lots of great shows such as Downton Abbey, Once Upon A Time, Dexter, Shameless, and the most popular The Walking Dead comes on.  So when I got back home after going out to eat, I expected to start playing The Walking Dead that was recording on the DVR.  When I push play, I see the movie Anaconda.  This movie is about snakes and not about zombies!  I was waiting to see some zombie killing.  Instead I got to see Ice Cube and Jennifer Lopez.


This is sadly not the first time I have had issues with Cable One.  Cable One has this crazy internet cap.  If…

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