Just in time for Posterous’ closure on April 30th, a service has launched to bring Posterous blogs over to rival service, Tumblr.

JustMigrate was announced the same day that Posterous unceremoniously called it quits via its blog. The service requires you to punch in your posterous URL, authorize it with Tumblr, and you’re all set. For those with multiple Tumblr blogs, granting JustMigrate access via your primary Tumblr will bring you to a page where you can select which blog you want to port over to.

Moving 100 posts is free, and it’s $10 for 250 and $25 for 500 posts. Tumblr’s API allows 250 posts, or 75 photo posts to be uploaded daily, so JustMigrate will queue posts over days if you have a large Posterous blog.

The service was created by 3Crumbs, a five-man team out of India that has produced a mobile shopping app. Its…

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By Nicholas Maithya Posted in Reviews

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