Gracenote’s Ad Replacement System That Personalizes TV Commercials Will Start Trials In 2013


Most TV commercials are poorly targeted and show things you’d never buy. But not for long. Gracenote‘s new ad replacement system combines viewing habits with personal info to show you more relevant commercials. Gracenote will demo it at CES and start trials in 2013. The rev-share is still in talks, but higher CPMs could enlarge the $70 billion TV ad market and give Gracenote and partners a nice cut.

In the age of Facebook and Google’s personal info and cookie retargeted ads, commercials are starting to look hopelessly disconnected. Whenever I watch TV, I can’t help but be confused that advertisers would spend millions to reach the wrong audience. For all the clamor about return on investment for online ads, brands seem unphased by the money they burn on the tube.

Classically, TV commercials are targeted by mass market and which program they’re displayed during. That means everyone in…

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By Nicholas Maithya Posted in Reviews

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