China’s Record-Breaking ‘Lost in Thailand’ Prepares to Sink ‘Titanic’

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Soon to be crowned the highest-grossing domestic release in China, Xu Zheng’s romp could unseat James Cameron as the country’s box-office champion in 2012.

HONG KONG – For the past few months, many a captain of the Chinese film industry has been praying for a local production to gallop in and save what they see as a business in distress, as Hollywood blockbusters – led by the chart-topping trio of , and – came and conquered, taking home more than 55 percent of the total box office takings this year.

While the success of provided some respite – the 3D film became the highest-grossing domestic production in Chinese history with earnings of 702 million yuan (US$112.5 million) during its month-long run in July – the year seemed headed for a depressing finale as even the most commercially bankable filmmaker in China today, Feng Xiaogang, found his historical epic unable…

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By Nicholas Maithya Posted in Reviews

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