Catwoman #15 – Review

Weekly Comic Book Review


By: Ann Nocenti (story), Rafael Sandoval (art), Jordi Tarragona (inks), Sonia Oback (colors)

The Story: The only time you’ll ever see a security guard put in his place by a map maker.

The Review: Have you ever gone on a date with someone—scratch that; I’ve used the romantic entanglement metaphor way too often on these reviews.  So instead, have you ever met anyone and quickly realized that any relationship—friendly, romantic, or otherwise—with them will be a fairly rocky one?  It’s amazing how often we look back on the beginnings of such acquaintances and realize how obvious the red flags were, and how persistently we ignored them.

All the flags are waving that any investment with Nocenti’s Catwoman will be filled with highs and lows.  Each time I read an issue, I see the elements that have made Nocenti respected in the business, but I also see how those same elements…

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