Rosamund Pike: It was startling to meet Jack Reacher co-star Tom Cruise


Sitting on a plush grey sofa, her posture so perfect you’d think she’d set it with a protractor, Rosamund Pike is talking about that dreaded life-work balance that we Brits are so bad at. ‘They say that when we talk about balance, we mean no balance at all,’ she says, in those deliciously sculpted tones of hers. ‘When the French talk about “équilibre”, as they call it, they actually mean they achieve it. We British mums apparently never achieve balance. We talk about life-work balance – it generally means something we’re not really succeeding at. We work too hard and life goes down the pan.’

The Hammersmith-born daughter of two opera singers, who rose to fame a decade ago in the James Bond film Die Another Day as the ice-cold Miranda Frost, is out to prove otherwise. We meet just a few months after the 33-year-old Pike gave birth to…

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By Nicholas Maithya Posted in Reviews

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