Peter Jackson, you genius.

Luke Baker

ImageOn a lighter note, I’ve recently seen The Hobbit at the cinema.

I can’t express how amazing it was (surprising coming form a boy who hardly ever has nothing to say). If you have a chance to go and watch, especially in 3D and with its controversial 48fps frame rate, then I highly recommend you do so. If you’re expecting something in line with other films you’ve seen recently it’d be wise for you to avoid those pre-concieved notions and view it with a fresh look. The higher frame rate creates a moving image that looks so realistic you could swear you were watching it being filmed live, but also creates a similarity with what we watch on TV, as that shares the same frame rate (if this talk of frame rate bamboozles you, click here).

It was a true work of art, leaving me wondering how far cinema…

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By Nicholas Maithya Posted in Reviews

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