What is HashTab and how can it be used to verify files?

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HashTab  provides the hash algorithms’ in several formats.  How is it used?

You can use HasTab by Implbits.   HashTab installs a tab to the properties of a file.

Once you verify the file and upload it or email it, you can send the alphanumeric numbers to someone or post it on a website or blog prior to a file being downloaded.  You can use the software to verify the numbers to see if you have the original  hash.

Home computer users and students can use it for free.   Link



Formats supported (above – has values)


Here is an example of the file emailed to myself (a second file exist now that it is downloaded).  Did it change? No.  I simply opened the file (original) and used the Compare Function and I can see it was ok.

Emailed File

What if the file was changed?

Oops it changed

View original post

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