How Adaptable are we to Adaptations?

Judge-Tutor Semple

I haven’t seen The Hobbit yet, but the weekend after writing this I will have done. In anticipation I have avoided all spoilers. I know nothing about the film. That is apart from reading the book, only twice, about 26 years ago. As well as all that received knowledge over the years, details from friends, reading Lord of the Rings, etc.

I know nothing about the film.

Will I enjoy the adaptation?

Well I assume the differences I remember in style between novel, The Hobbit, and the the sequels, Lord of the Rings trilogy (six books according to my mate, Dave, I only see three books. “There are three books!”) will be addressed. The are definite differences I recall. The Elves for one. The Dwarves too, but is that fair as in the Hobbit there are many to compare with the lone Gimli?

One thing I can be certain of…

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