Ultimate Comics X-​Men #20 – Review

Weekly Comic Book Review


By: Brian Wood (Writer), Carlo Barberi (Penciler), Juan Vlasco (Inker), Jesus Aburto (Colorist), Joe Sabino (Letterer)

The Review: In contrast to a lot of other readers and critics of Brian Wood’s time on Ultimate Comics X-Men, I seem to have had a hard time really vibing with the story he’s chosen to tell. I think it’s the slow-burn nature of the telling; Kitty Pryde’s evolved into the leader of the Mutant race, born out of revolution and war, and is now in the process of building her people a new nation. But since the Reservation X storyline has been in place she seems to be more of a pragmatic administrator than charismatic figurehead. It makes perfect sense for things to be this way of course but for me it lacks some pizazz. However, the way some people evidently feel about the title, they think this is the best thing…

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