The 12 Days of Brewhound Christmas – Day #5


Day number five of the 12 Days of Brewhound Christmas was a slow night with only one holiday tasting…

Southern Tier 2XMAS (8% ABV)

So Tier 2Xmas

This is the newest offering from Southern Tier Brewing which rarely, if ever, disappoints.  The label says that this beer is brewed in the spirit of Swedish glogg, which is a Scandinavian mulled wine like beverage.  2XMAS pours out a dark amber hue with a fluffy tan head that recedes rather quickly.  Minimal lace lines the glass and disappears fast.  This beer reeks of Christmas spices, with hints of ginger, clove, and orange peel.  The spices are huge in the taste too with orange peel heavy again, and cinnamon and ginger.  There’s also a caramel sweetness on the tongue that mixes well with the Christmas spices.  A medium body, and a little bit of heat from the 8% ABV on the back of the tongue is also a…

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