Second review of THE GUILT TRIP……..YAY!


Film Geek Central’s own Jesse Hoheisel already posted his review.  You can read that here

You know…….. I don’t really have a whole lot to say about this movie.  Um….. Well….. Seth Rogen plays an inventor who is going on a road trip to try to sell his new cleaning product at various different companies.   For no apparent reason (other than the notion that maybe he watched too many uninspired 80’s and 90’s road comedies), he asks his mom to join him on his road trip.  This movie is all Hollywood formula.  It’s like someone at the studio said, “Hey, let’s pair up the cynical and sarcastic Seth Rogen with a nagging and overtly Jewish Barbra Streisand together, and send them on a road trip.  Their personalities are going to clash.  It’s going to be classic!”  UGH!

Of course the mom nags on him.  Of course he hates it.  Of…

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