Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Northern Nerd

By Ron Morrow.

It’s been 9 years but it’s finally time to return to Middle Earth, albeit an incarnation 60 years the junior of the Sauron infested world we’re used to. Peter Jackson brings us back to Tolkien’s world with the same caring hand he treat LoTR with. There are more huge fights, more epic and beautiful shots, and yet more names unpronounceable by the tongue of mortal men.

Playing a young version of Bilbo Baggins is Martin Freeman, who it seems is destined for that which most crave but Hobbits detest: adventure. At the request of Gandalf (a noticeably older Sir Ian McKellen) Bilbo joins 13 Dwarves on their quest to reclaim their mountain homeland that a dragon named Smaug somewhat rudely took up residence in. Dragons aren’t the only adversaries that this merry band will encounter though, giving Goblins and Orcs, Trolls and rock giants, plus the return…

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