Orleans Reinette Apple Review

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About –  Discovered in the lowlands of France  in the mid 1700’s. Im not going to get into what the name means, but consider ‘Reinette’ to be a class of French apples. This apple would be considered an heirloom. I’d like to thank Scott Farm Vermont for growing and selling this apple variety.

Shape – Flat, looks plump, sits sturdy.
Skin – Red flushes dominate the sun basked specimens, more yellow where it was shaded from the sun. Rough texture, spider webbed russet on the top 2/3rds.  Almost crunchy, paper like.
Flesh – Dense, but fine grained. Yellow in color, not incredibly juicy. Crumbly.
Taste – Best way to describe this one is, a full bodied, citrus tasting apple. I dont really taste the nuts, as most describe. Its full flavored, a lot going on, and makes it difficult to separate the different flavor compounds. Definitely orange or tangerine flavors.

Bottom line: Exceptional. This…

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By Nicholas Maithya Posted in Reviews

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