Nomad Brush FLeX Paintbrush Stylus for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 Review

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nomad_flex_grey_08_sm_1024x1024I few weeks ago, I reviewed a hybrid brush/stylus from Sensū for those who like to get creative with their tablets. I come to find out that the Sensū Brush and Stylus is not the only game in town and there is another brush style stylus that is out on the market that according to them, came out first. This is the Nomad Brush Paintbrush Stylus. Unlike the Sensū, the Nomad Brush FLeX is strictly a brush and is shaped exactly like regular paint brush. It’s length and design mimics a real brush but it is made of quality materials, mainly a precision-milled aluminum shaft and a removable, all synthetic brush tip. Again, like the Sensū Brush, you would use the Nomad Brush FLeX for painting apps like Procreate and Zen Brush on iOS or if you are using Windows 8, one the main art apps they are really pushing…

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