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Wonder Woman #1

Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals (Greg Potter, Len Wein & George Pérez)

For my next trip through the history of DC Comics I decided to take a look at my favourite Amazon and in particular the point where the modern version of her character began. Well the Pre-New 52 version anyway (although the New 52 Wonder Woman is AMAZING!). So here is your background info on the hows and whys of this story before we get going:

  • This is a post Crisis on Infinite Earths story where the majority of DC’s characters and comics rebooted/relaunched to both modernise and re-imagine them for the comic reading public of the time and the new generation of readers coming into comics. (Hey! That sounds awfully familiar! *cough* *cough* Flashpoint *cough* *cough* The New 52 *cough*)
  • This is a ground zero reboot of the character so no prior knowledge of Wonder Woman or her world…

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