Brew Review – Lancaster Brewing’s Winter Warmer

The Dogs of Beer

Lancaster Brewing Company came into existance in 2001, when it purchased the floundering Lancaster Malt Brewing Company.  Dedicating themselves to quality brewing under the guidelines set forth by the Reinheitsgebot, Lancaster Brewing brought in Brewmaster Bill Moore who built his brewing experience in such notable breweries as Independence, Stoudt’s, and Sly Fox.  The brewery has been putting out top notch beers ever since.  So let’s look  at their Holiday offereing, Winter Warmer Ale.

THEM:  Winter Warm starts with a grain bill of 2-Row Barley, Chocolate, and Caramel malts.  The beer is mashed to an original gravity of 19.5 and fermented down to 8.9%ABV.  The beer is balance with 30 IBUS from a mixture of Cascade and  Goldings hops.

ME:  Winter Warmer pours with a dense head, that dissipates quickly into, well sadly nothing.  You might think the beer is black, but if you hold it to the…

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