Anna Karenina

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What have I done to deserve this?


Whoa, what a movie experience. It made me think of a famous quotation attributed to Genghis Khan: “I am the punishment of G-d. If you had not committed great sins, G-d would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.” While Anna Karenina wreaks havoc amongst the lives of those around her, she is no punishment. Her husband Minister Karenin suffers throughout the film, but his punishment is incommensurate with his failings, which would not even qualify as sins. Count Vronsky starts out a lustful man who only cares about himself, but his relationship with Anna is not truly a pox on him. As for Anna’s brother Oblonsky, he is a serial adulterer, but leads a charming life. This lead me to realize that G-d’s punishment is love. Love brings the highest highs, but it also crushes those who feel its…

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