The Simpsons: Tapped Out Review

"The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks"

Hello Fellow Evil Geeks, I am Greekimus Prime.

Do you like wasting precious moments of your life building virtual cities, ultimately resulting in your lack of getting any ass whatsoever and have a love for the SIMPSONS?  If the answer is yes, then maaaan do I have a game for you! It’s called The The Simpsons: Tapped Out.  Sorry android users.  This gift from the nerd gods is only available on IOS devices at the moment.

The story behind the game is that the town’s nuclear power plant finally goes Chernobyl, causing the town of Springfield to get blown to pieces, leaving behind an empty stretch of land. Your mission from this point on is to rebuild the town, in your own image.  You’ll Spend hours gaining experience, collecting loot, building all of the iconic buildings from the show and best of all, unlocking all of the great characters…

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