Mary Kay’s Satin Lips

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Once again, another wonderful guest post by Laura Smith…enjoy!

It’s just starting to feel like winter in Mississippi! Though I am a summer girl
through and through, so many people love the crisp cold air that December brings.
Low temperatures and chilling wind usually invites dry lips. I have found relief in
the Satin Lips set by Mary Kay. The two products included in the set work together
to exfoliate and to moisturize winter-worn lips.

Picture 11

Step one is the mask. This product acts as a scrub, containing tiny beads that rid
your lips of dead skin cells. It’s quick and easy to use: simply apply the product onto
your lips, rubbing it in to exfoliate the dead skin. Leave the mask on for about a
minute, then rinse or wipe off. This step also has age-fighting benefits!

Step two is a balm. Many chap sticks contain alcohol, which actually counteract…

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