Film Blog Advent #17: Bad Santa

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He knows if you’ve been bad or good… and he doesn’t give a shit. Bad Santa sees Billy Bob Thornton (Monster’s Ball) on fine intoxicated form as Willie, a con man moonlighting as a department store Santa in this bleak comedy directed by Terry Zwigoff and executive produced by the Brothers Coen. Working alongside his elf assistant- a black dwarf shoplifter played by Tony Cox,  Willie slowly drinks and sleeps his way to his next heist, followed by an extremely creepy child and a woman with a fetish for Father Christmas.

Bad Santa challenges Rare Exports for the title of creepiest Santa Claus movie. Willie is a debauched drunk nihilist, a character from a Nick Cave lyric with no care for Christmas or the kid who thinks he’s really Santa. Billy Bob Thornton was apparently drunk for real during filming, and it shows in a tour-de-force performance. The…

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