Saucer Country #10 – Review

Weekly Comic Book Review


By: Paul Cornell (story), Ryan Kelly (art), Lee Loughridge & Giulia Brusco (colors)

The Story: And now the presidential candidates confront the real issues—alien abduction.

The Review: Here at the ten issue mark, Cornell would be, if precedent means anything, about a few issues away from calling it a day on this series.  And if that should turn out to be true, it would be the absolute worst decision he ever made.  Given all the major events of our nation in recent days, Saucer Country as a political story, a social commentary, and just as a work of comic book fiction is more important, more relevant, than ever.

I will try to keep my real-world extrapolations to a minimum; it’s always risk to draw comparisons to a story when none are intended by the author.  But I wonder.  Even if Cornell couldn’t have predicted what would happen yesterday morning in…

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