Rurouni Kenshin: Samurai X live action Movie ( a review)

vs. The Writer

Watched rurouni kenshin… The characters were portrayed well… The cinematography was good too but i find the story lacking. The movie reviews and the review of all those have seen it were so good i had my hopes up. But it didn’t come close… Not even half as good as the anime
movie of rurouni kenshin were all of my emotions were stirred. I was expecting something like that or something half as good as that but no… The story didn’t even come close to showing kenshin-sama’s fun and happy nature.

However, i give my salute to all the cast. The acting was superb. I even got a glimpse of mikay when she was still good at acting (kaorou looked like mikay). Sano was as cocky as he was in the anime… And yojin, they even got the same hair and yeah, they look alike. Megumi is as pretty as…

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