Homeland 2 – Episode 11 In Memoriam

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The episode will open where episode 10 left off with Carrie entering the building alone to try to find Abu Nazir, without waiting for back up.

It was like watching Lund all over again, a female protagonist entering a darkened building alone with no plan other than to catch the bad guy, except that Carrie was unarmed and unbelievably clumsy knocking over something which fell over with a clanging sound. She opened a door and was blinded by a range of police and FBI car lights flashing – how on Earth did they get there so quickly? Quinn started to question Carrie in ways that made her story sound unlikely despite the bruising round her neck. There was no sign of Abu Nazir and Carrie concluded that he must have had some back up from an insider. It came down to questioning the loyalty of either Quinn or Galvez. Galvez…

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