Song Of The Day: 12/14/2012

The Messenger of Metal

Greetings kids!

Tonight we’ve got another epic song to drop in your laps. This one, more of you have probably heard than not, but we’re gonna share it anyways because it’s just that damn good. Now, many people in the crowd would attempt to make the argument that this group doesn’t actually fall into metal, because it’s too soft. To them, I’d say that they’re probably confusing THIS group, with the band of the same name from 4 years ago. While I do appreciate their efforts to try and claim otherwise, this group is 100% pretty metal, and I’m going to show it off. Tonight’s song is:

“My Heart Is Broken”, by Evanescence. This song, is from their self-titled 2011 album. I was just as much of a fan of the previous two albums by Evanescence, as I was this one. In fact, I was a huge supporter of the…

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