The Hobbit – review

Goats in the Machine

The_Hobbit-_An_Unexpected_JourneyPeter Jackson‘s The Lord of the Rings trilogy are the greatest films I’ve ever seen. I can’t call them the greatest films ever made, I haven’t seen every film ever made, but of all those I have seen, these are the greatest.

So when The Hobbit was announced a few years ago I met the news with no small amount of trepidation. After all, the first Great Trilogy didn’t exactly benefit from the release of a prequel trilogy vomiting its CGI cartoons all over the original’s pristine carpet.

The Hobbit though was a book in its own right that was released before The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Peter Jackson is a much, much better director than George Lucas.

Concerns were raised when there was some trouble on pinning a director down, but it was a good sign that after something of a fiasco Peter Jackson agreed to…

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