South Street Diner: Your 24-hour Grilled Cheese Solution


Provolone is before me, and Gouda behind me;
Above me and below me hovers the Manchego.
I am surrounded by it, I am immersed in it. In Harvarti it is begun. In Swiss, it is ended.

South Street Diner

Grilled cheese transcends the bounds of time. The crunch, grease, and gooey goodness sing their siren song unceasingly.

Thankfully, there are places happy to grill up a sammie any time of night or day. Maddie and I met Jimmy at one such place recently to test its mettle: Let’s see what they’ve got down at South Street Diner, 178 Kneeland Street, just blocks from South Station.

The menu humbly offers: Grilled Cheese $5. With Tomato $7. With Bacon/Ham $7.

Grilled cheese on the menu

Alright, a Grilled Cheese it is!

And a side of mozzarella sticks. And some chocolate french toast. And some onion rings. Two coffees? Check. Oh, my. Can we get the grilled…

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By Nicholas Maithya Posted in Reviews

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