Review Round-Up Pt. 1: The Joker gets serious in Death of the Family

Comic Critique Blog

By Alex Headley

So, this week, I’m splitting my reviews up into two parts. Phil will be posting his reviews later today as well. That means three posts for your guys in one day. We just wrapped up recording on our second podcast as well so there is plenty of Comic Critique coming your way this weekend. Enjoy!

Batman 15
Death of the Family is really moving fast now. This issue is the middle of the event and thus spends most of it’s time setting up for the penultimate chapter. Batman gets some baddass moments here as he takes on the Joker and we get to see some of that meticulous planning  and detective work that makes the character so great. His running narrative on how pupils dilate in association with moods is just the kind of stuff Batman would be thinking about. Narration can sometime bog a story down…

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