Nyan Cat’s Pop Up Store is open in New York

Shannon Truax

Nyan Cat Pop Up Shop in NYC

Lucky Duck meets the biggest memes of 2012: Nyan Cat’s Chris Torres and Scumbag Steve!

Tonight’s party honored Nyan Cat, the biggest YouTube sensation, with nearly 20 Million views. Nyan Cat rides through space, wearing a Pop Tart and a rainbow tail. Here’s a link to check it out on YouTube.

Nyan Cat’s Pop Up Store in New York City

Nyan Cat’s creator, Chris Torres, rocks. We had a lot of fun celebrating the opening of the new pop-up store in New York’s Lower East Side, located at 312 Bowery.

Shannon Harms and Chris Torres

Here’s a look at the store from the inside. Ben Lashes, Nyan Cat’s manager who made the whole thing happen, did an awesome job.

Shannon and Ben Clark

As you can see, you can find all of your Nyan Cat Christmas gifts here! The hoodies are adorable and amazing. The apparel and tchotchke’s are to die for. There’s even a wall made up…

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