Bride of the Screen God

frankenweenie_movie_posterIf you love the old black and white Universal horror movies from the 1930s as I do then going to see Frankenweenie was a no-brainer. Tim Burton’s stop-motion animation is an extension of a short film he made many years ago which I know I have somewhere on one of the many versions of The Nightmare Before Christmas which I have kicking around (can’t help it, its one of my favourite films) but haven’t watched for an absolute age.

It tells the story of Victor Frankenstein who, when his beloved pet dog Sparky is run over by a car, brings him back to life in classic style as part of a school science project but then has to keep his existence a secret from the townsfolk of New Holland lest they burst out into classic pitchfork wielding mania as they do. And of course if you know anything about the…

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