These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Gadgets!

Elle Hunt

  • iPad Mini. I bought both the new Ipad (4th Gen) and the iPad Mini the day they came out. I have to admit that I’ve used the Mini way more. Its small size is perfect for travel, reading and quick web browsing needs. Pair it with a slim back cover and the Smart Cover and you preserve the uber weightlessness of this gorgeous device. Buy the largest storage size you can afford, and only include the 4G if your phone doesn’t support tethering/hotspot capabilities. 
  • iPad. They just get better and better. The newest one, the 4th generation, is both fast and breathtaking. The display is beyond anything else you will see. Text/fonts, pictures, web pages… all stunning. All current iPads boast front and rear cameras for Facetime, pictures and videos. iMessage is also a standard app on all current iPads (iOS6 required.)
  • iPhone 5. And you thought the Retina display couldn’t get better? Now you…

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