The Apparition

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By: Addison WylieTheApparitionposter

The Apparition is one of the worst reviewed films of 2012. It currently resides at a whopping 4% on Rotten Tomatoes and has received plenty of negative word-of-mouth.

However, I’m here to defend it – kind of. As a whole, it isn’t good in the slightest and it plods along at a snail’s pace until it exhaustively reaches the finish line at 78 minutes (excluding the credits filled with random spooky filler).

There are issues with the bland and misguided actors, the feeble story, and with many of the scares and how they’re set-up and played out.

Why am I here to defend a movie that’s littered with flaws? Because I feel bad for director Todd Lincoln. He’s come to direct his first feature film and, unfortunately, his final product feels like a victim of circumstance.

A filmmaker can only do so much with a PG-13 rating…

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