Review: WVM ‘The End Is Only The Begining’ EP

The press release for this EP was perfectly aimed to grab attention. It name drops the fact the release features various alumni from Nine Inch Nails Josh Fresse and Chris Vrenna as well as being mixed by Sean Beavan (the EP itself was self-produced by WVM) who has also worked with Nine Inch Nails in the past. So that being the case the question is then whether WVM deserves the attention that some of its personnel demand. The answer is simply that it does.

This isn’t the kind of tortured dark beauty that Reznor and co. pedal to the world. It’s much more immediately accessible  It’s much less an industrial approach and more a blend of modern mainstream electronic techniques and alternative rock. You could throw in Gary Numan as a comparison which is not to say that WVM is likely to be as timeless but its darkness comes from that same kind of good time vibe…

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