Doctor Who (Season 2) TV Show Review

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I watched this season directly after season one, and was very excited to see how the new Doctor would compare to the previous one. Warning that this post may contain spoilers.

Doctor Who series 2 This season was released in 2006 with Russell T Davies continuing as head writer and executive producer. Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat stayed on as writers and were joined by Toby Whithouse and Matthew Graham. It was directed by returning directors James Hawes, Euros Lyn, Graeme Harper, Ashley Way, Dan Zeff and James Strong. All episodes were produced by the returning Phil Collinson and executive producer Julie Gardner.

There aren’t many TV shows that I can watch one episode after the other and resist the urge to skip over the opening credits. With Doctor Who however, the opening credits along with theme song is the part that I’m waiting for. And whenever I watch it, it always brings a smile to…

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By Nicholas Maithya Posted in Reviews

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