Dark Town (2004): You Pray for Daylight to Save You for a While

Popcorn for Breakfast

Dark Town (Desi Scarpone, 2004)


Sometimes you watch a bad movie and it’s just bad. You can let that go. No harm no foul. The director is incompetent and/or the actors are amateurs and/or the lighting tech was on acid and/or they decided on a fluffy-bunny soundtrack for a torture porn film or… whatever. And you can just let it go. But then there are the movies where you spend an hour and a half looking at those places where the writer, the director, or both had some really, really good ideas and they went wrong. Even in those cases, sometimes the potential is enough to give the film some redeeming qualities; you can see the flashes of brilliance here and there. And then there is Dark Town, a movie where, if any editing was done to it at all, they took out every glimmer of what was…

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By Nicholas Maithya Posted in Reviews

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