Rome’s Lost Empire, BBC 1, Sunday 9th December 2012

res gerendae

Growing up I always thought archaeology was cool. Then I discovered space and decided that was even cooler. Consequently, a ‘space archaeologist’ might just be the coolest thing on TV since a Roman spaceship with an invisibility cloak.  Alternatively it might be a terrible gimmick. It was with some trepidation, therefore, that I tuned in to Dan Snow’s latest BBC documentary Rome’s Lost Empire on Sunday evening. I like Snow – he’s certainly one of the best presenters of history on TV at the moment – and I’ve enjoyed his previous documentaries. I really wanted to enjoy Rome’s Lost Empire, I just wasn’t sure that I would. On reflection, I’m not sure I did.


The basic concept of the show was straightforward: Snow travelled around the Roman Empire in the company of the aforementioned space archaeologist, Sarah Parcak (incidentally a Cambridge grad and football Blue), on the hunt for…

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