Product Review – Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal

Bowerman's Blog

So, today I decided I want to review some of my music equipment; not just my studio stuff. I’ve built my pedal board up to almost exactly where I want it. The biggest piece I added to it is definitely my Boss Blues Driver pedal. I figured that after using it for about a year (my lovely wife gave it to me last Christmas), in different genres, and in various venues, that it was about time to give my two cents on its quality.

First off, this thing is light, but doesn’t feel cheap. I can stomp on it and I’ve never felt like it would break under my foot; and I have a heavy foot sometimes. It isn’t as tough or solid as some other metallic pedals, but it holds its own. And, personally, I really appreciate the look – the deep blue with the simple 3-knob design really…

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